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Nagahide Urakusai


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Artist: Urakusai Nagahide
Title: A Kyoto Geisha with a Drum
Date: c. 1820 
Size: approx. 5.75" x 13.25" overall
Condition: Good, attached at top corners to a backing sheet, soils and wrinkles as shown
Impression: Good , solid key lines, good registration
Color: Good, saturated color and bleed through to verso, silver mica ink is used on the inner kimono and obi

About Urakusai Nagahide
Nagahide was active as a print designer in both Kyoto and Osaka from about 1804 through 1848. His early prints tend to resemble those of his master, Ryukosai Jokei. From 1810 to the 1830s Nagahide was the most prolific designer of stencil prints (kappazuri) depicting the annual costume parade in the Gion district of Kyoto.